Integrating with Yahoo ConnectID

With the eventual demise of third party cookies, ad sellers need a solution to bridge the identity gap while continuing to generate revenue. Yahoo ConnectID is a cookieless solution that enables publishers to increase the monetization of their supply while employing targeting that respects user privacy.

The Yahoo ConnectID honors users' privacy choices and follows global privacy acts; users can manage their choices on the Yahoo Privacy Dashboard, NAI's Audience Matched Opt Out page and global privacy frameworks such as CCPA.

To simplify consent management and compliance with global privacy frameworks we recommend publishers integrate with Osano, a trusted leader in consent management. Our partnership with Osano offers publishers a 10% discount.

Integration Methods

Each seller wanting to integrate with Yahoo ConnectID must have a pixel ID. Contact your Account Manager to get your ID.

(Note: Use of ConnectID requires a new contract or addendum to a current contract.

We support three integration methods, and the choice is yours. There are no particular advantages or disadvantages, although we feel Prebid is the easiest to integrate, followed by JavaScript.