Integrate with ConnectID: Native.js-Method

To integrate with ConnectID using native.js add this script.

window.nativeGlobalConfig = {

userIdentity: {

providers: {

yahoo: {

// raw or a SHA-256 hashed of a lowercase and trimmed of white space email address

email: '',

// publisher specific pixel id, provided by your Account Manager

pixelId: '00000'





A Yahoo supplied publisher specific pixel ID is required. Reach out to your account manager for assistance with setup.

Honoring Privacy Choices

Yahoo ConnectID provides multiple mechanisms for users to manage their privacy choices. Users can manage their choices via ConnectID Control Portal, on the Yahoo Privacy Dashboard and NAI’s Audience Matched Opt Out page. No further actions are required by Publishers as Yahoo will ensure that privacy choices selected by users via one of these methods are honored. We automatically stop generating ConnectIDs for users who have opted-out.

When desired, additional privacy control can be provided to your users. Within your privacy policy or website privacy settings, Create an Easy Opt-in Opt-out Toggle for ConnectID.

Finally, ConnectID follows all global privacy laws (such as the CCPA) and industry frameworks (such as NAI, DAA and IAB). Yahoo will auto-detect most privacy signals present on the page (including those set by prebid libraries) and not generate a ConnectID for users that have opted-out.