Create a Report

Use the Report Designer and follow the steps below to build and program a report.

1 Start Analytics Reports

Open the Reports UI and select the Reports option from the main menu.

From the Reports area select the Create Report button (in the upper right corner of the workspace) to open the Report Designer.

2 Enter Basic Information

Define a Report Name and select a Reporting Source. Define a Description if needed (optional). You can also start with an existing report and copy or modify it, see Copy (duplicate) a Report.

3 Select Options

Scheduling - defines the frequency and recurrence of the report. See Schedule a Report.

Filters - optional feature used to filter the report data based on default or individual filters.

4 Apply Sections

Select the Sections tab. Sections define how data is presented in the report.

  • Choose how to visualize the data (e.g., data table). Only dimensions relevant to the selection are populated (no dimension provided for Overview). Select additional dimensions as needed for the granularity of the report.

For dimension data, two placement columns are available - “Placement (In-bound Requests)” applies to Requests-In metrics while “Placement (Out-bound Requests)” applies to Requests-Out metrics. Requests are defined as:

Inbound Requests - sent by publishers to the Yahoo Ad Platform.

Outbound Requests - bid requests sent out from the Yahoo Ad Platform to ad sources.

Note: If selecting the Ad Source dimension, only “Placement (Out-bound Requests)” and “Requests-out” metrics are available.

  • Select metrics
  • Save the Sectionadding more Sections as needed by repeating the above steps

5 Save

Once all of the elements have been defined, save the report.